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1 - 
A hybrid, image-based and biomechanics-based registration approach to markerless intraoperative nodule localization during video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
P. Alvarez, S. Rouzé, M. Miga, Y. Payan, J.-L. Dillenseger, M. Chabanas
Medical Image Analysis, Elsevier, 2021, pp.101983.
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1016/j.media.2021.101983
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2 - 
Exploring a New Systematic Route for Left Ventricular Pacing in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
F. Anselme, M. Albatat, C. Marquié, C. Leclercq, P. Ritter, J.-F. Ollivier, N. Shan, F. Ziglio, D. Feuerstein
Circulation Journal, Japanese Circulation Society, 2021,
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1253/circj.CJ-20-0266
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3 - 
High-resolution multi-T-1-weighted contrast and T(1)mapping with lowB1>+sensitivity using the fluid and white matter suppression (FLAWS) sequence at 7T
J. Beaumont, G. Gambarota, H. Saint-Jalmes, O. Acosta, J.-C. Ferré, P. Raniga, J. Fripp
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Wiley, 2021, 85 (3), pp.1364-1378.
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1002/mrm.28517
Pubmed : 32989788
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4 - 
Diagnosis of Neonatal Late-Onset Infection in Very Preterm Infant: Inter-Observer Agreement and International Classifications
G. Bury, S. Leroux, C. Leon Borrego, C. Gras Leguen, D. Mitanchez, G. Gascoin, A. Thollot, J. M. Roué, G. Carrault, P. Pladys, A. Beuchée
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, MDPI, 2021, 18 (3), pp.882.
DOI : https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph18030882
Pubmed : 33498557
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5 - 
Voxyvi: A system for long-term audio and video acquisitions in neonatal intensive care units
S. Cabon, F. Porée, G. Cuffel, O. Rosec, F. Geslin, P. P.ladys, A. Simon, G. Carrault
Early Human Development, Elsevier, 2021, 153, pp.105303.
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2020.105303
Pubmed : 33453631
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6 - 
Aortic dilatation: Value of echocardiography in the systematic assessment of elite rugby players in the French National Rugby League (LNR)
L. Chevalier, L. Corneloup, F. Carré, A. Mignot, J. Jaussaud, L. Gencel, S. Clement-Guinaudeau, T. Pospiech
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, Wiley, 2021,
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1111/sms.13919
Pubmed : 33421195
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7 - 
Use of rifampicin and graft removal are associated with better outcomes in prosthetic vascular graft infection
A. Coste, M. Poinot, S. Panaget, B. Albert, A. Kaladji, H. Le Bars, N. Bahaa, B. Ali, C. Piau, V. Cattoir, C. de Moreuil, M. Revest, R. Le Berre
Infection, Springer Verlag, 2021, 49 (1), pp.127-133.
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1007/s15010-020-01551-z
Pubmed : 33389709
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8 - 
Are We Right to Believe in the Value of Transcatheter Treatment of Secondary Tricuspid Regurgitation?
E. Donal, G. Leurent, B. Iung
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Elsevier, 2021, 77 (3), pp.240-242.
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jacc.2020.11.037
Pubmed : 33478647
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9 - 
The future of the diastolic function assessment will take advantage of the past and of the automatization
E. Donal, M. Taconne, A. Hubert, V. Le Rolle
European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Oxford UP, 2021,
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1093/ehjci/jeab014
Pubmed : 33495779
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10 - 
Mechanical dyssynchrony is better understood and it might be a good news for heart failure patients
E. Donal, V. Delgado, E. Galli
European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Oxford UP, 2021, 22 (1), pp.46-48.
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1093/ehjci/jeaa216
Pubmed : 33040155
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